5 Key Marketing Tips for Small Businesses to Implement During COVID-19

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5 Key Marketing Tips for Small Businesses to Implement During COVID-19


The COVID-19 pandemic has been one of the most difficult times for the world and it is no surprise that small business owners are unsure on how to approach their marketing during this crisis. Business owners often question the amount of marketing communication that would be considered enough. Upon our survey, we analysed that some businesses believed that their digital marketing campaigns should continue as intended, some believed in scrapping all ideas and design campaigns to directly address the current situation while most of the businesses still unsure on how to tackle this challenge.

Webmasters Group believes that the current situation can be a bit overwhelming, especially if your business has been significantly impacted. This article will take you through some digital marketing strategies to communicate with your customers, in order to make sure your business is stronger when this is over.

1. Updating and Adjusting your Marketing

With the increase in consumers self-isolating in the coming months, it is important that your brand delivers content which is interesting, while also being relatable to the current situation. If you believe that consumers are looking for light-hearted and uplifting content, make sure you engage them with your brand in this way. Alternatively, this is the time where you could relaunch a successful marketing campaign.

Since there is no time frame for the end of this pandemic, make sure your marketing strategies keep running and the content staying relevant to the consumers.

2. Importance of Empathy in your Message

During this time, a visual message can be more powerful than words. While addressing the current situation, adapt a relatable tone communicating how we are all in this together, ensuring your messages are on-brand.

Messages should be delivered with empathy because it is likely that everyone is struggling in one way or another and hence, being transparent about your own setbacks is important. Most importantly, avoid over-committing anything due to the current changes in your business and only then, the consumers would adjust their expectations while appreciating your honesty.

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3. Highlighting the Importance of your Brand

Since brands exist to provide consumers with excellent service or great value over their products, make sure to show your delight to attending consumers who benefit from you during this stressful time. If your brand can enhance the lives of people during this pandemic, then you could tell the story of your brand while communicating its benefits and value.

4. Enhance Presence while Marketing Costs are Low

COVID-19 has paused a lot of businesses and even the ones that are running are cautious about their marketing budget, reducing the competition for bidding keywords. If your business is still generating cash flow, do not reduce your marketing budget; spend it wisely on marketing campaigns to take advantage of lower customer acquisition costs.

Amidst this pandemic, make an effort to resell to your past customers since the remarketing costs using email is almost negligible. Implementing an advanced email campaign can help you increase sales without spending extra on marketing budget.

5. Updating Marketing Strategies to Stay Ahead of Competition

While the sales during the COVID-19 pandemic might be low, you can still generate leads in order to set yourself up for success when the crisis passes. We understand that revenue might be low during this time but a successful business needs to think long term since the leads you generate today will be with you for a long time.

While your competitors' marketing might be on hold, take advantage of the situation by running SEO enhancing strategies to outrank them when things get back to normal. Do not forget to adjust your message to acknowledge the current situation and inform the consumers that your services are still running.

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