5 Reasons why your website traffic is not converting

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5 Reasons why your website traffic is not converting


The internet has multiple articles explaining tactics to improve traffic to your website. You could invest in online advertising, search engine optimisation, social media presence or one of the other ways out there but getting traffic isn’t all about digital marketing unless your traffic is actually converting.

At Webmasters Group, we understand that you still need to serve content to the traffic in order to engage and convert. We understand that for an online business, the most important metric is sales conversions.

While there are multiple reasons on why your website could be preventing conversions, this article will take you through the five important reasons.

1. Focus on Design instead of Outcomes

As a business owner, you may not have the time to diagnose your website’s performance regularly but you need to understand that no one else is doing it for you. While you continue to spend resources on the most beautiful modern design, the design itself wouldn’t do a thing to improve conversions, in most cases. If your website isn’t able to clearly communicate your business value and provide an easy call-to-action option, you may miss out on revenue that should have been generated.

Your website needs to have messages that clearly convey your unique selling proposition which could be defining the pain points of your target visitors and how does your business solve their problem. If you aren’t clear on the value being provided, you may miss out on opportunities to gain new customers.

2. Website Navigation Confusing Visitors

In our survey, we observed that nearly 80% of small businesses lacked a clear call-to-action button. Perhaps the page might have only one button and there was no way to drive all the traffic to that single button. Your website must have a clear primary and secondary call-to-action button. However, call-to-action is just one of the piece in a conversion rate puzzle.

It is important that your website must address the following website navigation issues in order to boost the conversion rate:-

  • Confusing User Interface
  • Design Issues Across Devices or Across Browsers
  • Slow or Insecure Website

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3. Difficulty in Interpreting Analytics

As a business owner, you have the tools to track website activity but still lack tools to track visitor interactions, tools to increase engagement and tools to track visitor activity on each page. This could lead to you facing the following issues :-

  • You are measuring traffic but you do not understand how to best interpret results from the tools you have installed.
  • You know that your website is costing you clients but do not know how many.
  • You are making website changes without knowing the exact reason for it.
  • You are spending more money to drive traffic to your website that is not converting properly in the first place.

Most of the business owners we interacted with, had no clue why the conversions were low, how much it costed them or how to fix it and they agreed on blindly updating their website without knowing what was working for them. Not knowing how to interpret analytics and other website data is as good as guessing and guessing is never good.

4. Content Not Connecting To Visitors

If not more, content matters as much as design since content is what search engines focus on. Typically, you have only one chance of converting a new visitor since visitors bounce if they do not find the information they are looking for. The following must be kept in mind in terms of content :-

  • Website pages with targeted content performs better and has a lower bounce rate.
  • Visitors convert quicker when the content is informative and relatable.
  • Simple and clear content leads to better engagement of visitors.
  • Effective content builds trust among visitors.

While you may not be trained in SEO copywriting, you must have excellent website copy in order to improve conversions.

5. Not Utilising Engagement and Tracking Tools

Engagement and tracking tools can provide a major boost in both primary and secondary lead generation. Some of the tools could help you in the following ways :-

  • Tools can save time by automating tasks, producing data and by reducing risks.
  • Engagement tools can automate conversion functions based on data.

Every time you double your website conversion rate, the revenue generated from the website doubles. At Webmasters Group, we have extremely talented designers, developers, copywriters and analysts who focus on providing 360 ⁰ digital solutions for your business.

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