5 Tactics To Boost Your Organic Social Media Reach

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5 Tactics To Boost Your Organic Social Media Reach


Just imagine the situation wherein you are standing in a room filled with people and giving a presentation. Your concept is innovative, your data is on-point, but still, no one is listening to you. This is exactly what happens when you post amazing content on social media and you hardly get any likes and comments. Not only this, but readers are also least bothered to click the link to know more about your topic. This is due to a lack of engagement in the content.

When you are looking to increase your social media network, your prime motive should be to boost the engagement quotient on the content you post online. But can you achieve this? Here are some simple top 5 tactics that will boost organic social media reach within some time.

Optimize Social Media Profile

The first impression is the last impression! Your social media profile will determine your business appeal. This is the first thing that social media users check out about a company. We all know that Google uses your business name, description, followers, and likes. The web pages that have the right keywords gain a higher ranking on Google search results. So how can you optimize your profile?Keep it simple and understandable for the viewers

  • Ensure that you have used right-sized images on your social media profile
  • Make sure you fill every relevant information about you
  • It is crucial to include all the important keywords related to your products and services
  • Keep a check on your post frequency. For social media platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook, posting once a day is enough. While on a platform like Twitter, posting multiple times in a day is preferable.

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2. Right Content

Your content should be such that it caters to the exact target audience. You should be able to decode their wants, desires, and expectations from the market and companies. Creating apt content that fulfills all these criteria is the key to success here. Also, if the majority of your target audience prefers to use their mobiles for surfing products, you should develop mobile-friendly content that will make reading and sharing quite easy for them. How will you identify the ideal content that will attract and engage the social media audience? You can use various in-built monitors available on these platforms like Twitter Analytics and Facebook Insights. The interest tab will help you in assessing your content strategy. You can also go for engagement on your social media posts or can consult analytics tools like SumAll and Quintly for assistance. Creative and evergreen content is what the audience is looking for. Get in touch with the top online marketing agency in Melbourne for more details.

3. Smart Work Not Hard Work

Do you know that a user on average scrolls around 1500 news feeds in a day? But only 300 of these news feeds are relevant for them. Got the point? Posting unlimited posts on social media will not attract an organic crowd. You would don’t wish to overwhelm them with similar posts again and again. It is best to stick to high-quality and relevant content only. Readers prefer quality over quantity and creativity over monotony. Spamming will have more adverse effects than positive results. It is similar to what you do in Social Media Optimization. You should always treat your products and services as unique and don’t hesitate to experiment with different approaches and frequencies.

4. Use Videos and Images

Incorporating attractive and right videos and images can help you in boosting your organic social media reach. Using these things can multiply your visual appeal to another level. Over 60% of businesses make sure that their content is backed with creative and interesting images and videos as they consider it an essential part of the content. This is not all; even the stats have confirmed that the social media posts with images tend to get 3 times more engagement as compared to plain posts. Boost your views by just adding a text appealing summary with the post. Talking about videos, the content viewership has gone up by 80%. Therefore, it is crucial to educate and promote your target audience along with promoting your products and services. Make sure you use captions for all your social media videos to enable the audience to understand the video in a mute mode. Also adding a special weekly feature is a sure shot method to attract new followers. In other words, your posts should be a mix of high-quality and engaging content.

5. Other Tactics

Some more important tactics can shoot up your organic social media reach. Apart from mages and videos, you can increase your social media reach by using GIFs and memes. This is another interesting and happening way to stay close to your audience. Increase your engagement with the target audience by creating interesting polls and question and answer sessions. This is a great way to understand where you stand in the competition. This is also an effective way to read the mindset of the viewers. Detailed analysis can help you in creating perfect marketing strategies. Using hashtags has created a revolution on social media platforms. You should also use the right hashtags to reach a larger audience in a single post. Try to align your posts with the latest trends and issues in the world. This is a foolproof method to build a long-term and trustworthy relationship with your audience. Twitter and Facebook analytics can help you in identifying the time when the maximum audience is online. Posting your content during this time will multiply your chances of boosting up your organic social media reach.

These were some secrets for high organic social media reach. You must understand that the game is all about timing, optimization, quality content, and user engagement. Try these tactics to create a long-lasting image in the minds of the customers. Connect with the best Digital Marketing Agency in Melbourne for professional assistance.

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