7 Website Conversion Optimisation Myths You Should Stop Following

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7 Website Conversion Optimisation Myths You Should Stop Following


The greatest myth we have seen in terms of optimising a website’s conversion rate is that business owners think that they could download a checklist, apply those changes and expect their conversion rate to shoot up. This is certainly not the case since increasing a website’s conversion requires a data-driven approach and that is the reason why only one in five businesses are satisfied with their conversion rate.

In this week’s blog, we will list out some common website conversion optimisation myths.

I Found a List of Best Practices Online. I can Apply them Myself

Despite having the technical, analytical, design or copywriting skills required to understand and apply a checklist of 100 items, this may not always work since the same approach might not work in case of your industry, or your website, specifically. Secondly, how would you approach these 100 items in the checklist? Would you implement them all together? In case you choose to implement it all, how would your website look?

New Website Designs or Small Design Tweaks Increase Conversion Rate

In our survey, we found that business owners believed that their website need to be “pretty” in order to convert better. These business owners were astonished when we showed them a few examples of “ugly” websites which have a good user experience, clear message and a clear call-to-action. These websites had a higher conversion percentage.

In reality, while design is surely an important aspect of your website, the content, navigation and engagement tools have a higher impact on the conversion rate.

Do-it-Yourself (DIY) Website is As Good As a Professionally Designed Website

Majority of the DIY websites work on pre-set templates, using Flash, which is incompatible with smartphones. Furthermore, you are expected to fit your branding, tone and voice, within the restrictions of this template. In case something goes wrong, you need to figure it out on your own, translating into a lot of lost hours for the business. If your DIY website is not converting yet, perhaps it is time for a change.

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I Don’t Need a Copyrighter, Designer, Developer or a Digital Agency

The data, copy and design of a website matter a lot and a developer is needed to implement these changes on to your website. Thus, in case you feel the need to upgrade your website with fresh content, keep your website in check, and your visitors engaged, it is important to have a Digital Agency looking after the above, as well as analysing website interaction with users. Website that convert best always have all of the above and make data-driven tweaks regularly.

My Website Looks Good on Desktop, That’s Good Enough

While more than 80% of the internet users use a mobile phone to access the web, mobile traffic may not be important for every business, but it certainly cannot be overlooked. In fact, your mobile design should follow the same design practices as your desktop design, making your website work well across all devices. As a business owner, check your website across devices today and ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is the text easy to read?
  • Do the images fit correctly in the screen?
  • Are the buttons easy to tap?
  • Is the menu easy to navigate?
  • Do any of the page elements interfere with the call-to-action button?

If I Optimise my Website Today, I can Expect Results Immediately

Quoting Brian Massey “Optimisation is not a Program but it is a strategy. It does not work as quickly as a PPC nor as slow as an SEO. Your mileage may vary.” While sometimes we think something may work for us, it does not. This can happen the other way around, as well. In fact, only a data-driven approach can effectively show what works and what doesn’t.

My Competitor’s Website Looks Great, I Should Copy Them

Each competitor of yours may have different sources of traffic, different branding and even different customers and hence, something that works for them, may not work for you and in turn, tank your conversion rate.

Each time you double your conversion rate, your website generates double the revenue. This can be achieved without spending any time or money in increasing traffic. At Webmasters Group, we have extremely talented designers, developers, copywriters and analysts who focus on providing 360⁰ digital solutions for your business.

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