We are in the third month of lockdown in Australia and restrictions have slowly started to ease and consumers are now well adjusted to the new routine. In line with the survey we had conducted to understand what people have been up to, this article will list down trends that you can expect from the consumers in the coming days.

Increase in Online Activity

Although some digital marketing experts are recommending you to cut costs to save money, we would encourage businesses to continue their marketing. While it’s usually an easier option in cutting costs, reducing online marketing will discontinue your connection with the consumers. A lack of visibility can even result in your audience thinking that you have closed down. We would recommend you to stay on top of your marketing and communicate about your products and services (over and over again!) with your audience. Consumer behaviour proves that people are online and therefore, online is the place to build connections and relationships. Maintaining placements should keep the conversions going. Clearly, this will remind your audience that you are willing and able to provide them with the products and services that they require.

Engaging Content will Continue to Lead

Given that people are in quarantine, reception of online data is more than ever. Be it shopping or lead-generating marketing campaigns, consumers are eager to interact with others. Hence, creating engaging content is more important than ever.

Many businesses are thriving in this period because they have found creative ways to support, inform and engage with their local consumers. A few ideas for this are:-

  • Tutorials
  • Virtual Tours
  • Webinars
  • Live Videos
  • Video Calls

Our expert digital marketing experts suggest altering your call-to-action buttons during these times. If you aren’t booking appointments anymore, change it to “book a meeting online”.

Customers will be Price-Sensitive and Care More

While every brand has stressed the fact that we are all in this together, consumers will value brands that offer special promotions or discounts during this time.

On the other hand, it is common knowledge that consumers are driven by brand marketing. Brand experience has always generated loyalty and emotional marketing trends will influence consumers greatly. Some of these are:

How does the business treat its employees?
Why are the stores open?
Is the business focused on profits or is it supporting the local community?
Undoubtedly, your business should generate a genuine interest in what is happening and find a way to stay afloat without being insensitive.

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While most businesses were prepared to make a switch towards online advertising despite being pushed against their wishes, some have still not moved. Whether this is your main focus or not, you can make changes today.

Since the consumer trends after COVID-19 point towards more demanding customers, it will be important to adjust your campaigns to strengthen your online presence. You can always start by using the above mentioned points.

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