We have witnessed the digitalization of countless brands in recent years. And it has become crucial to optimise SEO in the best possible way. With the growing competition, SEO tactics keep changing, and in the year 2022, many of these will have a great impact on the web page ranking of your website! To analyse the metrics of search engines, many startups and businesses tend to hire Local SEO agency in Melbourne with quite rewarding results. 

In order to rank higher, one must understand that the algorithms of search engines keep fluctuating. And to help you in maintaining a healthy campaign for this year, we have created a list of the most important crucial pointers to enhance your SEO, and drive more traffic. 

Figure out what your customers might be searching for

This is an era where everybody looks up solutions on the internet. Be specific about what problems your customers might be facing, and what they would search for. You may use some keyword research tools available across the web to know exactly which query is driving the most traffic to your competitors. Once you get your hands on the question, you must start to draft answers in the form of blog posts or articles that would be relevant to solve their problems. This is a great way to help random people and build trust for a rewarding future relationship. 

Make your landing page more appealing!

The competition to have the best website is growing every day, and if your landing pages are boring or hard to navigate, you’ll surely lose potential customers more often. Some simple ways to enhance the homepage of your website are to add high definition pictures, easy to load videos and short written content that delivers the precise message. Users are more likely to engage with websites that seem easy to get their hands on because they might want to skip back and browse your competitors if your landing page seems not-so-appealing. 

Reduce the loading time of your website

While browsing through the internet, users expect every website to load within a couple of seconds at the most. In such a case, if your website takes longer to process and display, then the customer will definitely bounce back and land on your competitors’ websites. When this happens too often, Google is forced to rank down your website because it notices too many people leaving your website without engaging with your content or spending at least a few minutes there. It gives an idea that your website is not adequate for the query of users, and thus it is pushed down the search results. To avoid this, you must hire a good hosting provider that can improve the loading speed for good. Having personal hosting clearly wipes out every competitor who is working on shared hosting, and you automatically rise higher than most of your competitors in terms of Local SEO Melbourne

Use helpful headers to organise your information 

If you are uploading a blog post that contains a general query, you are advised to lookup more such questions that people might be asking for on the internet. The best way to do that is to look up these places : 

  • A keyword research tool 
  • The search suggestions
  • Bottom of a search web page 
  • ” People also ask ” column on Google. 

If your blog post can include some of these topics without losing their relevance, then you must specify them with the apt headers. Users identify them and scroll directly to the sub-topic, and this can increase their chances to stay longer on your website and turn into potential customers. The algorithm of search engines also identifies your headers, and the ranking of your webpage is likely to be increased because it has all the information that a user might be seeking. 

Keep an eye on the KPI & Performance of your website

KPI stands for Key performance indicator. It determines the general metrics of your website and how much engagement it has gone through over a period of time. These analytics can be measured through either Google Analytics or other dedicated softwares that have been pre-installed into your systems. You must keep a check on the pages that are receiving the highest visitors & engagement because that is the sort of content that will drive more business in future. If none of the pages on your website is receiving any extraordinary traffic, then maybe it’s time to do extensive keyword research, off-page SEO & effective link building. 

Publish new content regularly

Make a content schedule and follow it without fail. Consistency grows the content on your website, and the users can spend ample time browsing it. The presence of helpful content that is updated regularly will help the ranking analytics to identify the activeness of your business. You may include more keywords in the new content that matches your business, and thus you will get your hands on a wider range of audiences. This increases the chances of your higher ranking! When users identify that your website always publishes content that pleases them, they are likely to visit your site more often and increase the metrics significantly.  

Make sure to fix the broken links! 

Oftentimes a website may face a broken link issue. This means that it fails to load an old article or product, which will result in a bounce back. Broken links might go unnoticed, and when users try to get onto a specific page, they witness the error, and it reduces their engagement plus lowers their professionalism. You must check all links of your website at least once every month, to ensure their smooth functioning. A website is expected to rank higher when all the pages are full of high-quality content with zero broken links. 

Users love to browse websites that are fast, secure and easy to use. Most of all, it should solve their immediate problems, and the appealing visuals should hook them onto your website. If this happens in perfect sync, your website will rank at the top in no time. But handling all your SEO related services can be difficult, and when you are beginning out, it would be a great relief if you have a professional on your side. And to reduce the burden of your web management, we have created the best team for SEO services Melbourne, and to get our professionals working dedicatedly on your website, feel free to contact us today! 


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