At WebMaster’s group we employ a creative team of professionals to assist you in every way, shape, and form when it comes to your online business or e-commerce store. Our extensive catalogue of digital marketing services provides an effective solution to many of the common problems online business owners face. One of the toughest curves to get around in digital marketing is probably the marketing aspect within itself. There are multiple factors that can and will affect how effective your overall strategy is when it comes to seeing results from your online marketing efforts.

Being that we specialize in digital marketing consultation and web development we possess knowledge of some of the best tools and methods for gaining traction to your online business. One of the hidden gems of online marketing is the Google Merchant Centre. If you’ve ever searched for a consumer product through google then you should be familiar with google shopping.

Google shopping consolidates all of the indexed webpages related to specific consumer products and items across the web in order to give its viewers access to all of the pricing and model options available. While many people focus on getting their web pages to be high ranking within Google’s search engine they fail to understand that the larger your entire footprint is across the web, the better chances you have at becoming number one within your keyword niche.

The Google Merchant Centre is a great place to start. Google Merchant Centre offers online business owners the ability to integrate their entire product catalogue into all of Google’s main online commerce solutions such as Google Product Ads, Google Shopping, and Google Commerce. This tool can come in handy as you would usually need to submit your products to each of them separately.  The amount of traffic and visits you will receive from Google Merchant integration is simply incredible. It is probably one of the most overlooked yet effective methods of marketing different products and services online.

The ability to reach a large customer base internationally at the click of a few buttons is an unbeatable prospect. You don’t want to hesitate any longer about your decision to start uploading your products to Google Merchant Centre as it will substantially increase your visibility and traffic across the web.

The really cool thing about Google Merchant Centre is that it lets you customize your product selection.  Let’s say if you have one jacket with multiple variants then it will allow you to upload your product in a way that lists the main item along with a drop-down menu that will enable your potential customers to view all of your product options. You can upload multiple images, pricing and product names to fully customize your online product catalogue.

If you are in the market for full-on Google integration and have been struggling to find a solution to the problem, then I would advise you to contact us at WebMaster’s Group today in order to set-up an evaluation so we can get your online business the traffic and conversions that is deserves!

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